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The Cogs
Behind The Machine

Unique pieces of puzzle, forming the complete picture

Behind our journey lies the important ingredient that fuels our energy – our compact, talent-laden team. Building of our all-star crew didn’t happen overnight and by chance, but through meticulous planning and recruitment funnel. Our continuous search for talents start with our internship programs and our periodical interview sessions.

While we value diversity, the suitability with our working philosophy and team cohesion are also crucial in our selection process. We never limit our candidates to a certain group, education or background, rather we strive to work with the best people possible to gel and propel us forward.

Board of Directors

Our Digital Engineers, Mages & Centurions

Snapshots of our team members in our natural habitat – inside and beyond the office


Making A Meaningful Work Environment

A happy team is a sum of its members

Dropping the politically correct filters aside, we believe a happy employee is a productive employee. A strong believer in keeping our team members fulfilled and challenged, here is how we use our research-backed values to make our office a better place.


Freedom to operate. You’ll be given ample personal space to draw your creations, from flexible working hours, individual responsibilities to strict working/personal time compartmentalization.

  • Flexible working hours
  • No out of office-hour communication


Self-development opportunities. You’ll be mentored from day-one, with career path guides, soft-skills nurturing and leadership roles assignments. Step up and discover your potential.

  • Head various mini-projects
  • Periodic performance reviews
  • Art & entertainment activities


More than just paychecks. Get involved and see how our team can do more than just generate revenues. Build meanings into our projects, get involved with our CSR’s education programs and live beyond the life of an automaton.

  • Leave impact by teaching in our CSR programmes
  • Pursue a personal life separated from work and company