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Our range of software that helps your organization fulfil specific function, where a full fledge ERP solution is an overkill. We also provide customized development for server or desktop environment applications. We prefer open source technologies for all our project.

Empowering your business to do more

Our solutions consist of an integrated cloud and mobile deployments for maximum reach with efficient maintenance needs.


Fleet Operations System

Our proprietary web and mobile application is designed specifically for transportation companies to effectively manage the operations of their transportation business. It comes integrated with business operations management system and advanced fleet tracking system without any permanent GPS device installation.


Field Data Collection System

Fuxion is a platform that enables a reliable mobile data collection for field operational needs. It can be customized to fulfill your field servicing needs, whether as a simple mobile form, field monitoring and enforcement system or business processing tool. The system can be integrated to extend its functionalities like mobile printers and portable sensors.


Schoolbus Tracking System

TranSekolah helps parents track their child’s movement to school in real-time. Parents will get an up-to-date status of the child and the current location of the bus can be monitored. A proximity alert will be sent through push notification to the parents mobile app when the school bus is approaching and leaving both their pickup point and the school.


Factory Maintenance Management System

The solution helps managing manufacturer’s maintenance routine by introducing a flexible checklist solution that can be used by all level of factory operators. The solution offer a simple solution using the mobile app and a web-based control panel and strives to help factory management to ensure prompt and effective preventive maintenance for their plants and equipments.