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Nurture your talents with us

Diversify & amplify your skills

Our team setup is carefully crafted so that every member will have ample opportunity to test their mettle and shine. While we strive to keep a balanced work and personal life, we continuously seek ways to push our team members to grow themselves.

Although work-related stress is inevitable, we try to keep it healthy through continuous monitoring and personal coaching. Recognizing that a personal support system is as important to grow our team member’s career, we pay extra attention to off-working hour workloads and communication to ensure their personal time away from the office is as rejuvenating as possible.

If you would like to experience our mixed culture of laid-back professionalism, come and send in your resume!

Let’s work out something!

Our working environment is quite relaxed (see our Facebook!) – but we’re relentless in best practices, constantly finding ways to improve performance, usability, availability and security of our projects.

We want you to grow with us, rotating the projects you handle, diversifying your skill sets. We’ll also focus on your non-technical skills – letting you lead teams, do presentations, and head our CSR and recreational projects.

We give autonomy to our team members – flexibility for you to decide your working hour and work tools. We emphasize on personal space, no WhatsApp and Email after office hours! We believe a balanced work life will be beneficial for both of us.

We’re going to the next level. See your real impact on the million ringgit businesses and hundreds of thousands registered users our solutions currently handle!

We don’t allow toxic environment in the office and monitor the team harmony closely. Think we may be a good fit? Here are the vacancies we’re currently listing:

Are you passionate in coding? We’re looking for new developers with the skills:

  • PHP & MySQL
  • Javascript/JQuery, AJAX, HTML & CSS
  • MVC framework
  • Object-Oriented Programming

In addition, here’s what you’ll need to have:

  • At least 2 years working experience
  • Bonus skills like GIT, JAVA/Python, Mobile Development, Linux
  • Willing to work hard. And travel to meet client
  • Academics won’t matter

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Design, code, test, and document web-based/mobile software for our clients
  • Assist our senior developers in Research & Development
  • Travel for meetings with our client and partners
  • Work with tight deadline, under pressure and in team

We’re looking for new team members with some background:

  • IT Hardware maintenance
  • Microsoft Office
  • Basic Networking knowledge

In addition, here’s what you’ll need to have:

  • At least a certificate in IT or related field
  • Bonus skills like programming, MySQL
  • Good communication skill. And possess own transport

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Monitor the operations of software for our client
  • Perform preventive maintenance on our mobile devices
  • Meet people to troubleshoot and rectify any issue with our software
  • Work in physically demanding environment and under intermittent pressure
Our Tech Stacks
  • AWS
  • ReactJS & React Native
  • Android Studio
  • XCode
  • GIT
We can be your launchpad!

We have a revolving system of internships open for candidates located in the vicinity of our office in Bertam, Pulau Pinang. We typically enrol students in their final semester with internship duration of 4 months and above. An internship allowance will also be provided during the duration of attachment.

Here’s why you should consider us for you first step into your career:

  • Real exposure on working task and responsibilities
  • Dedicated briefing session and walkthrough
  • Special task assignment like event management
  • Good camaraderie and no culture of bullying

Our internship program is structured with checklist of exposure, with our aim of getting our interns employable by the time they completed their placement. We have a good success ratio for our interns to be employed within 3 months of leaving their internship!

Internship Fields
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Finance, Admin, HR
  • Marketing & Business Development