Web Strategies: What Jawed Karem Shared With Us

Web Strategies: What Jawed Karem Shared With Us

During the Silicon Valley Comes To Malaysia event last Friday, I tagged along our client for a private session with Jawed Karem, one of the three co-founders of YouTube.

Any input, however normal or obvious it may sound, that came from multi-millionnaire history-maker and web-technology godfather like him, is of course invaluable.

Without going into the details of the project, here are the points raised by Jawed and some of our observations:

Everything is moving into the cloud

The market is in for a hosted solution. Customers don’t want a box in their office because nobody knows how to fix it.

What Zoho cloud solutions taught us: everything will and can move to the cloud

Different branding approach

When it comes to consumer end product, it can be branded as stylish, hip, trendy, cool, and we can create lots of excitements around them. Enterprise product is different, branding plays lesser role because we’re the one who find the customers.

MailChimp uses more end-user-oriented branding and managed to gain some complaints on professionalism too form their enterprise clients


Benchmark email marketing solutions meanwhile, demonstrates a more stale, clean and clear enterprise-oriented design


Ways you can compete

If you can’t compete on something new or a novelty product, you can always compete on convenience and ease of use.

Happy Cog Hsoting differs from thousand other web host by charging premium price, offering a single package, single price and fully-managed web hosting.

These are the tips that can empower your strategy, the 20 minute session more or less validated some of our prior observations of the web industry, so future-proof your company for the internet!

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