Web Design In Malaysia: Malaysia’s Biggest Companies Part 1

Web Design In Malaysia: Malaysia’s Biggest Companies Part 1

The local web design trend is a little left behind from my personal opinion, but taking a half-of-glass-empty approach, let’s look at it positively as a signal that there’s so much potential that we can build here in Malaysia. Starting with the review of 20 biggest Malaysian Companies’ website will give a great kick-start of the exploration to make the Malaysian Web a better place.

Here are the list and screenshots of the biggest companies in Malaysia by revenue (according to the April 2011 Forbes 2000 list), starting a countdown from number 20 to 11. Click on the image to view the live website.


20. PPB Group

PBB Group, a flour milling corporation

Hosted on Apache server, this flour milling company use a neat presentation with grid-like display on the homepage with a clean sidebar showcasing the contact information and latest financial reports for the stakeholders. Also, the footer displays a quick snippets of their background and activities.


19. Petronas Gas

Petronas Gas, the GLC powerhouse dealing with gas processing and distribution. Flash sections not visible here.

One of several Petronas subsidiaries in the top-20 list, Petronas Gas website is hosted on a  Microsof Windows server, with a Flash banner on top and the main section on the home page. This ASP.net website use a sidebar with the latest news and announcements for quick info for visitors.


18. Plus Expressways

Plus highway, the Malaysian biggest highway concession.

A very  clean and structured presentation, the Plus website is TYPO3 open-source CMS and hosted on Windows server. It relies on Flash to power its homepage accordion banner, and displays the latest news, announcements and a useful tool for its target visitor- a toll fare calculator.


17. Hong Leong Financial Group

The Hong Leong group is more than just retail banking- it's a big conglomerate in manufacturing and properties.

The Hong Leong group corporate website use a static image for the homepage which is a big no-no for Search Engine Optimization approaches, not that need it badly anyways. There’s a possibility this website uses no dynamic content management whatsoever and statically hand-coded from scratch! A more sophisticated on-line banking website for the bank can be seen here.


16. AMMB Holdings

Ambank group, a retail and corporate banking giant

The Ambank group website is more banking-oriented website compare to Hong Leong’s (due to their more finance-oriented business) with advertising for their banking products and services. The ASP.net website is integrated with Microsoft Sharepoint intranet, uses tabs to simplify the presentation and uses lots of images and banners.


15. RHB Capital

RHB Capital, another financial powerhouse

RHB Capital website is a clean website with rotating image using AnythingSlider and jQuery. This ASP.net website lists the frequent links for visitors quick access along with the rates and featured services in a neat 3 column design.


14. Kuala Lumpur Kepong

Kuala Lumpu Kepong Berhad, a plantation giant

The plantation corporation website is written in PHP and uses some jQuery functionalities for the interactivity. Lots of negative spaces with subtle background integrated with the main image that highlights their main corporate activities.


13. Maxis

Maxis, a very end consumer-oriented design.

A very warm and friendly web design, Maxis homepage uses large imagery, rotating banner and icons to quickly projects their message and organize important links and recent promotions. It is hosted on Windows server and uses Mootools JavaScript frameork and Flash for interativity.


12. Public Bank

Public Bank, one of the highly-rated bank in terms of customer service

Another banking giant on the list, Public Bank’s corporate website uses both jQuery and Mootools framework, with 3 columns content and a sidebar showcasing different quick links, promotion highlights and latest news along with quick contact information.


11. Petronas Chemicals

Another arm in Petronas group, Petronas Chemical revolves around chemical activities

The most stylish an only dark-themed website in this part, the Petronas Chemical’s is developed using PHP on Apache server and uses some jQuery functionalities for display. It has an elegant steel-themed background image and a large chemical plant image on the home page, quickly communicating its niche industry along with some background information.


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  1. Very nice post Izzat ... and I agree with you that Malaysia website design trend is not updated to rest of the world.
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