Understanding Web Design: Being A Blogger

Understanding Web Design: Being A Blogger

If you want to understand the art of web design and development, blogging is a good way to start. Setting up a blog has the lowest possible barrier in setting up your foot in the internet, and there are lots of free platform to start with and the user interface is targeted towards people with little technical background.

A blogger is, most of the time, a web publisher

What relates blogging with an effective web design?

  • Blogging needs loyal audience to make it fun. You’ll learn the fundamentals of making a website attractive to read and sticky at the same time. You’ll learn about the art of attractive copywriting, and practices like teasers and cliffhangers.
  • Bloggers aim for email or RSS subscribers- so you’ll learn how to actually design the flow of your blog and content so that you can convert visitors to subscribers. That’s conversion tactics for you, and you’ll learn about User Experience and page objectives along the way.
  • Blogging is personal in nature- in the world filled with spambots and cliche copy-writings, you’ll learn first-hand the art of being warm and approachable, being humane and getting into the hearts and minds of your readers. That’s effective communication skill.
  • Blogging have matrices to keep track with- bloggers install analytics to learn about the people who visits and reads their blog. You’ll learn the ideas and jargons behind web traffics– bounce rate, keywords and visitors vs hits.

    Blog gives us a casual platform to understand the art of conversion and retention

  • Blog is a unique expression of individuality- you’ll soon learn how to customize the design to fit your persona, starting with the point and click interface to CSS hacking when you realizes you want more!
  • Blogosphere is interconnected- you’ll learn the tools of trades – social media and networking. You’ll understand the mechanics of social interactions and the tools to streamline your different social accounts.
  • A new blogger starts with zero reputations and zero readers, so search engine will be a good source of traffic. You’ll learn the tricks of Search Engine Optimization before long.
  • A blog can garner more visitors than regular website- making the more eyeballs attractive to advertisers. You’ll learn the approaches of monetization, from the usual CPM method to the affiliate marketing.
  • Blog sometimes requires commentary and references- you’ll learn how to link to other contents including the licensing and the sites for resources.

Sounds like you’re in the right alley? Start a blog today and master the tool of the future.

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