Those Small Small Things

Those Small Small Things

Our productivity apps is entering its final stage of development and will be ready within a couple of weeks. We’re adding lots of unplanned features into the project, a necessary effort to make it more ‘productive’.

A sneek peek into our development (click to enlarge!)

Those small things, that we took for granted because they’re nearly trivial, are the crucial elements of an app, and those things are what we’re spending our additional time on.

Things like:

  • persistence (it remembers your previous settings every time you start the app)
  • background mode (to keep running when you exit the app)
  • playing sound in passive state (when the screen is locked, intentionally or otherwise)
  • preventing sleep (when the screen dims after idling)
  • unobtrusiveness (being able to listen to your iPod musics while using the app)
  • all while offering options (which means you might not use the features above at all!)

Those are the small things that matters, and it requires more than just a few lines of codes. That’s the price of user experience, and we’re gonna make it right!

Coming soon to the App Store near you!

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