The Team

Izzat, Managing Director

Our captain and business-side director, Izzat heads the overall direction of projects while looking for ways to keep our bank accounts filled. Educated in Business Admin (Marketing).

Manisa, Director of Operations

A Marketing graduate, Manisa executes our growth strategy and day-to-day operations, while keeping every memo in check – she takes care of all the administrations stuff in the company.

Ridhwan, Director of Technical

One of the earlier mobile apps developer in the country, Ridhwan lives and breaths gadgets. Loves database design and doodling in his spare time, he’s our go-to-guy in all software projects.

Hafizi, Director of Business Development

A graduate of Mechanical Engineering, Hafizi has more than 10 years B2B and B2G business development experience under his belt. He is also the CEO of our IT startup, Fulkrum Digital.

Our talented team members with diverse technical education and experiences tackle each and every project with a coherent mission – making the technology practical for our clients need and elegant for the eyes.