Other Solutions

Our range of software that helps your organization fulfil specific function, where a full fledge ERP solution is an overkill. We also provide customized development for server or desktop environment applications. We prefer open source technologies for all our project.


IRIX – Multiportal Content Management System

This custom-built PHP-MySQL system empowers creation of multiple single-design portal with content pages, blog, forum, video gallery & image gallery. Suitable for large institutions like Universities and Conglomerates corporations.


AVEOX – Asset Management System

Keep track of all fixed assets including software licenses for proper bookkeeping. Complete with depreciation features, Aveox can tag and keep a current account of all your asset locations.


CALENT – Event Management System

Calent is a standalone event management system that lets you schedule, list and track participations for your events. It even let you reconcile actual attendance with participation list and write a report for each event.


Custom Web & Desktop Applications

For those needed flexibility and customisations, our custom development services enables you to design and deploy solutions tailor-made to your need. We can also design and deploy standard-compliant websites and portals. With a development framework based on ISO/IEC 12207, our service come with complete documentations and code maintainability in mind.

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