The Fulkrum Team is a team of individuals passionate on digital technologies. We have skills ranging from static to digital to mobile stuffs, so when it comes to what we can do, the sky is the limit. Meh, we don’t want to spoil the fun with cliches, so here’s what we specialize on:

Data Collection & Intelligence Suites

Reduce the cost of collecting field data using our in-house, purpose-built data collection & intelligence suite. Pivot, as it is called, is a range of system designed to help you collect and report field data.

Our data solution is catered for organisations that rely on remote and off-site data collection or reporting.

Software & Solutions

We have ranges of specialized software to cater for different purposes, from content management system to remote PC Management.

We also provide custom software development for enterprise-level deployment, complete with technical documentations. Our Business Analyst and Consultant work with our clients for effective solutions.

Mobile App Development

We’ve deployed codes for the iOS platform back when it was still named iPhone OS and iPad was still on the drawing board. We have expanded into the Android platform in recent years.

Right now we have our own iPhone and iPad apps in the Apple App Store and continuously developing custom apps for our clients.

For our other services, please check them out here.