Other Services


Training & Classes

If you would like us to conduct a special training session for your staffs, especially in the operation of a specific Content Management System or any general IT topics, we can arrange a trainer for you.

We also conduct multiple-day training for development-related subjects like Mobile Development, specifically targeted to aspiring developers. Our vast experience in product design and development will be adapted to help our participant immerse in the learning session. All modules are sourced from the industry to provide the best learning experience as possible.


Support & Maintenance

Should your organization requires technical support as part of our after sales or as a standalone service, our support team is built around ITIL standard to ensure prompt delivery as per agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA). We are equipped with a top-notch help-desk software to ensure proper case escalations and efficient support ticket resolutions.

We also provide adaptive, perfective, corrective and preventive maintenance that can come with our support service. All incidents and events are recorded and assigned through our integrated help-desk and issue tracking system.


Hardware Supply

To complement our IT solutions, we provide commercial-ready hardware including servers and mobile computers. We also have partnerships with several hardware providers and maintenance contractors to enable effective deployment of IT infrastructure of various sizes.

If you fancy something more unconventional than regular computers and peripherals, our team also supply various sensors and instrumentations to be deployed academically or industrially. We have experienced personnel to advice and provide solutions for your remote computing or data collection needs.

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