How To Use Facebook Page For Your Business: Like-Gate

How To Use Facebook Page For Your Business: Like-Gate

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Updated on 14 March 2012:

Facebook has introduced the Timeline view to all Facebook pages, which will be the default landing page whenever people click on your Facebook page URL.

The effectiveness of the like-gate strategies outlined below requires them to visit the specific tab, so you can do this by promoting and sharing the full url to your like-gate tab.

Example: using instead of just to make sure they land on the like-gate page first.



Every now and then you’ll be reminded on the power of Facebook- with 45% of Malaysian population  already own a profile on the site, how is it actually you can tap the power of this social network?

CLick image for more Malaysian Facebook stats

Short answer: Facebook Page

Sometimes businesses make the wrong step by setting up personal profile for their company: not only this is against Facebook’s term of services, it is also less attractive because mutual connection has to be there for you to communicate with your followers.

See the examples of Facebook pages here.

Setting up Facebook page will allow the public to ‘like’ you page and receive updates to their news stream whenever you publish something new. That’s right, if 200 people like your page, you have the opportunity to talk to 200 prospective customer on a personal tone DAILY, not that easy to do through your website!

Like-Gate: Increasing followers to your page

There are tonnes of ways you can do to increase the fan to your page: paid and free ones. But the simplest and highly efficient way is called ‘like-gatting’: offer something (tips, ebooks, coupons, discounts) for the non-fan and make the stufs visible only after they hit the ‘like’ button. This can be achieved through adding a static iFrame tab and setting the tab as a default landing page for your page.

1-800-Flowers offer 20% discounts- only if you like their page

Here’s more on how to like-gate your Facebook page if you’re DIY kind of person!

Offering Something To Like

Often the problem is to come out with a creative offering that’s attractive enough to make people hit the like button. We suggest make the offering a niche item so that only the right kind of people your business targets like your page. This more organic way of promoting you Facebook, albeit slower, represents a more mature feedback about your promotional effort.

So what kind of offering you ask?

  • Simple numbered-list of tips and ideas (eg: 10 meals for breakfast to help reduce weight everyday)
  • Free downloads and giveaways (eg: wallpapers, templates etc.)
  • Free coupons and discounts (eg: discount voucher registration)
  • Multimedia (eg: video from Youtube)
  • Registration forms (eg: for sweepstakes, free talks etc.)
  • Report and guide download (eg: pdf files of industrial report)

Tips for a better like-gatting

  1. Communicate clearly on the landing page what you’re offering as an exchange for liking the page

    Scrabble's Facebook Page clearly states what fan can get by liking their page

  2. Put a visual cue on what the visitor needs to do (an arrow to the ‘like’ button)

    Porsche's page drags user attention from the focal view (car) to the like button above

  3. Make some of the content you’re offering visible

    The Red Bull Fan Page demonstrates how to use visual cue to the like button and keeping some of the contents visible to induce impulsive reaction

  4. Make some the page design fits the Facebook look and feel, people doesn’t like the impression that you’re taking them away form the site

    Mark Meyer's photography page is designed like it's a native Facebook page: users tend to trust native page better

  5. Tell them what’s in for them in the long run if they like your page

    Inspired Magazine page tells about long-term benefits of liking their page: daily credible design tips

  6. Use Facebook’s Social Plug-ins to embed the site functionality into the tabs – you can put the ‘like’ button in-line with your content which may garner better reaction

    Samsung's landing tab has the 'like' button clearly located below the message in order to follow the reader's eye flow

  7. When promoting your Facebook page through Facebook ads or your email footer, don’t just put your Facebook page address, instead, promote the freebies you’re offering on your page.

    Ignite3Sixty clearly mention the discount to get people to their Facebook page

    An example email where the the email footer advertise the benefits instead of the FB page

  8. Finally, don’t forget to tie in your Facebook landing tab to your other promotional campaign. For example, to build your mailing list, you may ask people to sign up through your custom tab that only reveals the signup form after the visitor like your page (don’t forget about the freebies!).
That’s pretty much information on how to efficiently increase your fans on Facebook. Some argued the figure you generated might not be sustainable for the long run, but remember like-gatting is just the first step, use the opportunity to make the page interesting to your followers!

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