Fulkrum: The Remake

Fulkrum: The Remake

Every year our team took an unusually long break during the Eid Al-Fitri celebration and it was a very good time to reevaluate the company’s standing and direction. This year is no exception and we’re happy to announce we’re looking at some positive changes in the near future.

We’ve decided to stay small for the time being. Or even smaller. We’ve decided to work more autonomously to keep the creative juice flowing. We’re searching for new office. Revamping our apps roadmap. Rework the company branding. Cleaning up the accounts. And developing our very own new corporate website.

We hope this nip and tuck should be completed by the end of the year, meaning by then our team will be more mobile and agile while keeping the excitement level there.

Happy Eid Al-Fitri for all. Keep it real.

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