Facebook IPO: Download Prospectus

Facebook IPO: Download Prospectus

As the social network mammoth is getting ready to debut on the public stock market, more interesting facts emerged for our consumption (and some sensationalization).

More than 400 million people log in daily, your Farmville addictions and alike were contributing 12% of their overall revenue, and for a conventional “eyeballs equal money” policy, Facebook managed to land $1 billion profit in 2011 on top of a $3.7 billion revenue, where 85% of them derived from advertising alone.

Their user base increased 39% last year, but revenue was up 88%! This reminds us of Friendster, which is the pioneer in social network and the initial pattern holder for some crucial social networking features like the ‘Friend Of A Friend’, and MySpace, which seems like an unstoppable alternative later.

Where did they done wrong? It’s an interesting question which we’ll come back to later. For now, savor the facts that Facebook successes proved that being a first-mover doesn’t always give you an advantage, and it takes several tries to make a triumph.

We’ve converted Facebook preliminary Prospectus and filing information from the SEC website for you to download:


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