Fuxion eForm Solution

Our eForm data collection collection solution is suite of client and server side software designed to help organisations to replace papers as their primary data collection tool. Using mobile apps to capture various type of input, or automated sensors connected wirelessly to the internet, data will be synced seamlessly on the server, improving turnaround time from data to information.

Fuxion Mobile

Our native mobile application enables organization to equip all your field service operatives with real-time data collection capabilities. The application runs on most Android & iOS devices, enabling cost savings on hardware purchases by utilizing their own personal smartphones.

  • On-line & offline mode
  • Seamless sync with centralized server
  • Real-time update
  • Various input format – text, photo, audio, sketches, GPS Coordinate etc
  • Handwritten signature with stylus for verification process
  • Usable with most Android and iOS devices

Fuxion Sensors

Automated, remote data collection is possible with our suite of sensors tailor-made specifically for any organizational needs. Range of autonomous sensors can monitor physical or environmental conditions and send the data to the centralized server, reducing cost of deploying data collection personnel.

  • Connected to internet through WiFi or wireless network (3G)
  • Also able to act as extension to our mobile apps
  • Various sensor input type – temperature, humidity, pH, photo, video
  • Both academic & industrial grade sensors available

Fuxion Reporting

Our interactive reporting dashboard enables executive and management personnel to access their data in a more sensible way, with embedded data analytics capability and multitude of reporting format. This will transform the software system into a tool that provides crucial decision making input.

  • Interactive dashboard
  • Search, filter, sort & aggregate data
  • Graphical reporting
  • Export to documents
  • Alert system

Who should use this?

Field service management – off-site installation, maintenance & repairRemote monitoring system

Research & survey projects

Top management reporting & business intelligence

Filed enforcements organization

Distribution, delivery & courier companies

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