Internal Culture

Tired of cookie-cutter, copy and paste hipster culture statements? We handle things differently around here. Here’s a picture of what it looks like working in our team.

Embrace Differences

Birds of a feather doesn’t flock here.

  • Don’t change yourself just to ‘blend in’ and ‘be accepted’. We’re better than that.
  • Your personality might not be everyone’s cup of tea, so what?
  • There’s a gap between us – don’t deny it. Make the gap cool!

Respect Personal Space

We are not your family.

  • Keep separate lives – your personal and professional
  • Your family is at home. We’re not them. We’re just working colleagues. Doesn’t mean we’re not super fun and friendly.
  • We don’t communicate out of office hour

Nurture Leadership

Coaches and mentors on standby mode.

  • Play with live bullets. Even you’re fresh grads, you’ll do something that affects the whole company
  • We have various teams and autonomous committees you’ll be assigned to. Make a difference.
  • Flat leadership style is a myth here. We have structures, layers and leaders. We’re lean, but never disorganized.

Honor The Well

Protect, serve & share.

  • We see the company as a water well that our team members, their families, and the local communities drink from
  • All the cultures and values are observed for the purpose of protecting the well, so rare exceptions will be made in this spirit.
  • This is not a charity. Ultimately the well must be profitable to sustain and grow.