Pendular Business Intelligence Solutions

Our business intelligence solution is an integrated software and services designed to turn your data into information that can help make you see from multiple perspectives and derive wiser decisions. At the heart of the solution is an automated data integration script that consolidate your data and an OLAP server that enabled rapid data drilling and aggregation on the fly for analysis.


Data Integration

All your data in one place

  • Automated data pull from different sources
  • Merge, transform and edit data so that they can work with each other
  • Run batch transfer automatically so that all the latest data can be accessed
  • Service: Database design, ETL Script design
  • Software: ETL Program

Data Discovery

Drill through your data with blazing speed

  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) server enables quick data drill and roll-up without SQL data lag
  • Prepare data for drilling using user-friendly data fact & dimensions editor
  • Discover trends & identify root cause by looking at the data from different angles
  • Service: Design OLAP tables, Setup OLAP cubes & database
  • Software: OLAP Server, Cube Builder

Data Reporting

Reporting dashboard for non-technical users

  • Accessible through internet using web browser
  • Multi-user capability – build and share report with each other
  • Build your own dashboard – add and remove charts
  • Pivot table to perform data breakdown and aggregation on the fly – filter, sort and many more
  • Build your reports and charts for direct print or export them to Excel, JPEG, PDF & HTML
  • Service: Initial dashboard installation & setup
  • Software: Dashboard

What are the benefits?

Unified dashboard for viewing all your data – even from different servers

Analyse your data on the fly – which is slow using conventional SQL technique

Produce report and charts without the need of Microsoft Excel

No software installation needed on your desktop

Accessible from everywhere – share reports and dashboard views

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