B2B Websites: Simple Tricks To Track & Improve Your Website Performance

B2B Websites: Simple Tricks To Track & Improve Your Website Performance

Every website has its own purpose, but more often than not, the basic needs of having a web presence is to enable prospective clients, job seekers and the general public to learn more about the company.

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Here is the basic structure of the typical corporate website:

  • Home
  • About
  • Product/Services
  • News
  • Contact

The above navigation structure shows the basic information that the company should have, but it doesn’t necessarily answer the need for having a website in a quantitative way.

How can we increase the return of investment for our website?

Tadaa! A (insert your website cost here) question. Having a basic website doesn’t really provide an exact answer to the above question, but with a simple addition to your website, you can start having the answer.

Step 1: Add a lead capture tool into your website

Have a mechanism to track product/sales enquiries originating from your website. An all-purpose contact form is too general to keep track on, so you should have a separate one just to track the sales enquiries.


IBM request-a-quote page is a standard practice in capturing a lead information


Or you can introduce a drop down category for your contact form with ‘general questions’ or ‘product/services questions’. Or you can choose to keep 1 general contact form and do the stats manually, which is so 80’s.

Step 2: Track enquiries!

You should now track sales enquiries through the website for at least 6 months and come out with a sales/enquiry ratio:

Total visitors for first 3 months (eg: 120 visitors)

Enquiries for first 3 months (eg: 25 enquries)

Sales closed from the above enquires within the 6 months (eg: 3 clients made purchase)

Total value of sales closed (eg: RM8,000)

Conversion ratio: Visitors/Sales-Closed

Step 3: Boost your conversion performance with additional tools

Now that you have your matrices ready, prepare to boost the performance of your website through the following aspects:

Increase enquiries

  1. Increase the number of web visitors to your website (Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising)
  2. Increase the number of inquires made (landing page, call-to-action)
  3. Increase the number of captured visitor information for nurturing (auto-responders)

Increase the number of closed sales from enquiries

  1. Establish a clear classification of potential (Customer Relationship Management System)

CRM doesn’t have to be expensive. ZOHO CRM is free for 3 users inside your company. Set up and use it in less than 5 minutes without installing anything. 

Increase the average sales per customer

  1. Increase the understanding of visitors toward your product (blogging, newsletters)
  2. Increase the potential for cross-selling (related product section on your product page, product bundle/package)

Deloitte’s ‘Insight’ section provides their visitors help in understanding the complex audit, tax and regulatory process. By keeping their prospects enlightened, they can reduce the ‘fear of the unknown’ syndrom and give a better confidence for their prospects to investing more money

There you have it. This is a really simple start to your own Marketing Automation platform. It doesn’t hurt to take a little extra effort to ensure your website is up to the mark.

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