B2B: How To Use Your Website To Increase Sales

B2B: How To Use Your Website To Increase Sales

One of the raison de aitre in operating a business is of course the bottom-line: your sales and revenue. Having a website to boost your corporate image is a good thing, but wouldn’t it be better if you can use it to increase your sales as well?

Businesses selling to other businesses operate in a different dynamics than those selling to end consumers (the general public). One of the most compelling evidence is of course the buying process.

Corporate purchasing often involves researches, evaluations, analysis, comparisons, and decision by committee

Corporate purchasing often involves researches, evaluations, analysis, comparisons, and decision by committee

Unlike the end consumers, business buying process involves a relatively more lengthy cycle, more people and fiercer competition.

First up in any typical purchasing scenario is research. Most of the time, Google and other search engines would be a popular platform to gain some knowledge regarding their problem and solutions.

SEO to find searching prospects

You can use different levels of Search Engine Optimization to optimize your website ranking in the Search Engine Result Page for relevent keywords (eg. a Cheras-based interior design company might target the keyword “Interior fitting Cheras”. This will help you locate and attract people searching for your product/services to your website


Examples of how prospective clients find interior design companies using Google

Landing page to pitch effectively

Once they’ve found you, bring them to your website page which is specially designed for educating first-time visitors about why you’re their best bet. These conversion-optimized pages are called landing page, sales-letter or microsite which is highly effective in initiating action if they’re properly designed


The website of Biometric Time Attendance System provider P2 Digital is optimized to convert researching visitors into purchasing

Newsletters and social media to retain first time visitors

Give them incentives to keep them close. If they come from the search engine, chances are they’re looking for information, so how about ‘Get a free white paper on Office Refurbishments Case Study’ as an incentive to subscribe to your newsletter?

Or maybe share great tips like ‘Free weekly office renovation tips with our newsletter’. From time to time, throw in special discounts for your subscribers. This will convert some prospects closer to closings as you project your expertise while educating their decision making process.


Chase Office interior designer offers an ‘Office Move’ checklist in exchange for email address, targeting a highly potential client looking for a designer for their new office


Routine communication to nurture your leads

Company don’t buy from company, but people buy from people. Understanding this, conversation is important. Don’t rush selling them your product, instead, use their web visit to start a long term relationship.

Instead of relying on’call us now’ for actions, put ‘like our Facebook Page’ or ‘Subscribe to our newsletter’. Certain decisions take ages to be made, so having an open channel to reach them is useful for nurturing your leads. Make sure your emails are personalized and signed by a real person, not ‘Marketing Department’!



Proof Read Now engages their newsletter subscribers in short and casual manner, offering more benefits while reinforcing their intended message

In conclusion, theses simple overview of how you can engage your potential clients using your website show that B2B selling process can be facilitated by using your website. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Reducing the cost of manually and personally attending to unqualified leads and gauging their potential
  • Keeping a long-term open channel with your leads and prospects just from their first single visit
  • Ability to demonstrate your technical expertise in the subject they’re evaluating
  • Educating your prospects beyond their attention span when visiting the website

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