Arabic Letters Alive!

Arabic Letters Alive!

Fulkrum own foray into mobile apps took a huge first step with the release of arabic letters in the Apple App store. The apporval process went on without a hitch, and now we’re assembling the team to work on an update!

Why update so early?

We have already recorded sales in the first 2 days, yippe! But the first version is far from perfect, we submitted it to the App Store just to make a quick dash through the approval process, the app barely passed our internal QC standard (so to speak!). What to look for in the next version(s)?

  • Totally new graphics!
  • Support for retina display and iPad 2X display
  • New voice-over for the numbers section(the first version was an emergency takeoff version)
  • iPad version!

Interactive Flashcard

Try it..

In the meantime, grab your copy today. Arabic Letters for 99 cents from the App store!

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