Mobile Apps

We can undertake various scope of mobile app project, from static and database-driven applications to server-client environment application. We use native programming (Objective-C and Java through XCODE and Android Studio) for full flexibility and speed, so our iOS and Android apps perform gracefully with minimal hitch from third-party tools. Here are some of our apps in the app store:



Wahyu for iOS sends a randomly-timed verses from the Al-Quran to you throughout the day – it will act as a reminder, a guide or even to cheer you up – bringing you closer to His divine words in your busy life. No internet connection is needed.

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This custom-built app is an interactive arcade game complete with its own unique story-line and characters. The game integrates with Facebook to enhance its virality and social aspects

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Arabic Letters

An interactive learning apps for people looking to learn the basic of Arabic Letters- you can tap on the letters to hear the pronunciations. Also included in the app is Arabic number symbols.

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Arabic Letters For iPad

This app is not just a streched version of the iPhone app- the app capitalizes on the extra screen size available on the iPad- it has numbers pronunciations in both Arabic and English languages, an additional flashcard features and support for landscape mode.

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World Numbers

World Numbers currently contains number 1-10 in 9 different languages along with their pronunciations- handy for you to master them all! We’re looking into adding another bunch of languages next, it will definitely be fun!

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Focus onTask

A smart task manager and timer to let you focus all day! Focus on your work by breaking them to smaller tasks, and work according to (recommended) 25-minute slots. Between the slots, there would be an automatic (recommended) 5-minute rest time.

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