Another Delicious App For You Hardworkers!

Another Delicious App For You Hardworkers!

Can you smell that tasty delight? It’s the delicious aroma of our new app in the making, currently being sliced and stewed inside the Fulkrum kitchen.

A paparrazi managed to sneak through our safe house and snap this shot

While working on the Arabic Letters update, we thought it would be nice if we slip in another toy into the App store just before pushing our update.

Let’s spill some beans shall we? The new app is a productivity booster, built on a theory backed by extensive research, and now merged with the interactiveness of a mobile app. We’re now in the middle of coding it, so I would say it may hit the new app section in a matter of weeks.

For our Arabic Letters customers, fret not, we’re working hard to bring you the updates. The team is also preparing to start on our next education mega-app-project as soon as the updates are released.

For feature requests, bug reports and complaints, shoot us an email or hit the orange button!

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