4 Reasons Why Instagram Is A Perfect Marketing Tool

4 Reasons Why Instagram Is A Perfect Marketing Tool

Instagram as a social networking is the best place where people able to share photos and inspire each other. Let see how Instagram For Business could becomes a perfect marketing tools when that business element such as ads was provided.

Carousel Ads

Within Instagram For Business, Instagram had introduce “Carousel Ads”. The freedom and flexibility towards business’s brands in presenting their stories when people are able to view their ads by simply swipe left to see more images and there is a link to a website of the brand’s choice.
From this point, carousel ads will assist on enhancing business marketing by taking people to a websites to learn more from their smart phone.The campaign of carousel ads also enable more images and video to be uploaded.People or user account could ignore the Carousel Ads by just scroll down as usual.

Millions Audience

User account of Instagram in all over the world and the amount is increase by year which could exceed 300 millions. The global user of Instagram make global community comes true where more than 70 million photos and videos shares daily. With this such large amount of audience,there is higher possibility for the business to engage more potential customers.

Verified Badges Symbol in Instagram

Verified Badges Symbol for brand

Verified Badges For Authentic

The security and safety part becomes the crucial element that has been solved by Instagram by introducing “Verified Badges”. This verified badges as a symbol verified towards the business brand. The symbol of a blue badge as shown above will appear next to the company’s name. The Instagram community could have more authentic experience without feeling curious on safety and security.

Instagram Community

For the business or brand, it is a good sign where it connect with the Instagram Community Online that locate around the world. The business able to create various events such as a contest to encourage Instagram user to participate and boost people awareness towards the company’s products and services. The usage of hashtag(#)for example #sportwithAIable to spread on company’s campaign at the same time can increase the followers.